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What's taking me so long?

This is, by far, the slowest remodeling project I've ever done. I had a LOT of distractions in 2004 that kept me from working on this house. Then, in 2005, I went to India for a month so not much work got done then. It is now April and I'm still working on the property.Let's talk about what we have done since the last posting. After firing my old hippy carpenter, I went into a lull for several months and didn't work on the property due to some personal stuff.

My Old Hippy Carpenter

The first contractor I use on my remodels is my Old Hippy Carpenter (we'll call him OHC). In the past, OHC had done an excellent job for me by coming up with practical and cost effective solutions to complicated problems. For example, foundation guys usually want a fortune to replace a rotted beam under the house. OHC would go down there with a car jack and some day labor and replace it for $50.The bad thing about OHC is that you have to watch him. Otherwise, he'll work really slowly.

The Lowe's Marathon

As I mentioned in the last post, I spend a lot of time at Lowe's and Home Depot looking for supplies. This remodel is no exception. I started with a preliminary trip to Lowe's just to make a list of stuff I need and to get prices on everything from doors to light fixtures. This preliminary trip lasted about two hours. Keep in mind, I didn't buy a thing. Lowe's probably had about 80% of what I needed but some of the items were pretty expensive.

Evaluating what needs to be done

This is often as difficult as finding the property. When doing flips, it's important to think purely in financial terms when deciding on items to improve or repair. Sure, those granite countertops may look great but chances are you won't get your money back on them in a $150,000 neighborhood. Try to pick items that will only increase the value of the house. (It goes without saying that safety and structural items should be done so you're not selling someone a money pit.)


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