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"Jumbo" Loans vs. Conforming Loans

Katie Wethman's Thoughts on Washington, DC and Northern Virginia Real Estate has an excellent entry on the difference between a Conforming, Jumbo, and FHA loans.  I didn't realize that the point at which a loan became a "Jumbo" loan was when Fannie and Freddie could not buy the loan--the present limit is around $417,000.

How long with it last: Life expectancy of common household components

An excellent post on the Home Inspection Blog on the life expectancy of some common household items.  Sample life expectancies include:

WSJ Article - Beyond Auctions: Ways to Buy Foreclosure Homes

A good article in the Wall Street Journal on buying foreclosed homes.    It states:

Warren Buffett on the Mortgage Market

Here’s an interview with Warren Buffet on CNBC.COM covering the financial aspects of the current mortgage market specifically Freddie and Fannie.

Watch Buffett on Freddie and Fannie


What contributed most to the subprime crisis?: