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My Old Hippy Carpenter

The first contractor I use on my remodels is my Old Hippy Carpenter (we'll call him OHC). In the past, OHC had done an excellent job for me by coming up with practical and cost effective solutions to complicated problems. For example, foundation guys usually want a fortune to replace a rotted beam under the house. OHC would go down there with a car jack and some day labor and replace it for $50.The bad thing about OHC is that you have to watch him. Otherwise, he'll work really slowly. On this project, he worked for me for three days. In those three days, he replaced four doors, ran one electrical wire, replaced a little rotted wood and did some minor trim work. I noticed that he was working very slowly throughout the whole project. I kept trying to motivate him to work a little faster or harder. He insisted that he was getting a lot done. On the third day, he was there for about four hours (he works on an hourly rate). I showed up and asked him what he'd done. He told me that he didn't have to show me his work, that I should just trust him. I replied it wasn't a question of trust, I just needed to know what he'd accomplished in the four hours him and his helper were working there. When he couldn't point out anything, I had to fire him.I felt bad because we've been working together on project like this for close to ten year. But I knew he was being dishonest and that's something I didn't want to put up with. So many times, I keep working with bad contractors, mechanics and even professionals simply because it's difficult to find someone else. A while back, I promised myself that I would stop patronizing people who give bad service. There are plenty of people out there who are willing to work very hard for a fair price. There is no need to continue supporting contractors who are dishonest or unethical.Unfortunately, after I fired OHC, the project was put on hold for a little bit due to personal reasons. I'm hoping to restart next week.

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