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What's taking me so long?

This is, by far, the slowest remodeling project I've ever done. I had a LOT of distractions in 2004 that kept me from working on this house. Then, in 2005, I went to India for a month so not much work got done then. It is now April and I'm still working on the property.Let's talk about what we have done since the last posting. After firing my old hippy carpenter, I went into a lull for several months and didn't work on the property due to some personal stuff. Around December, I finally had a little bit of time to work on it again. The first step was to find a new contractor to finish up the carpentry, sheetrock and minor electrical/plumbing. As I stated in the last blog, I decided I was no longer putting up with mediocre contractors. I interviewed about three different people before deciding to go with Wayne H. Wayne had been the first guy I had interviewed for this job. I wish I would have used him right off the bat. He was honest, dependable, did great work and pretty much walked on water. I can't say enough good things about this guy. He worked with his wife, "Di" and they were able to install the dishwasher, fix the sheetrock, rehab the back porch, fix the plumbing and just about anything else I asked of them. They did all this at a reasonable price with minimal supervision. Finally, a truly GREAT contractor. While Wayne was working, I also went ahead and installed a new garage door. As you can see from the outside pictures, the old one had served it's time. I also had my lawn guy, Joe, work on straightening up the yard and removing all the dead trees. Once all this was done, I took another break for a month to go on a vacation to India. When I got back, it was time to find a painter. Learning from my past mistakes, I decided to interview a bunch of people for the paint job. The bids ranged from $3500 all the way up to $9000. I went with Miguel V. He was one of the guys that gave me a low bid. He came highly recommended by Joe my lawn guy. Miguel took about three weeks to finish painting the house. Once again, he did a great job. He was honest, punctual and very thorough. I've come to realize that often, the key to getting great contractors is interviewing a bunch of them. You can tell which ones are reliable and which ones don't really care about the job when you compare them side by side.So the hard stuff is done. Now it's time for the finish out. New appliances, light and plumbing fixtures, door knobs, cabinet pulls, carpet, landscaping etc. I usually do this stuff myself but have been delaying a little due to work commitments. Anyway, I'm hoping to knock out a large percentage of this stuff by the end of the week. We'll see how that goes.

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