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How long with it last: Life expectancy of common household components

An excellent post on the Home Inspection Blog on the life expectancy of some common household items.  Sample life expectancies include:

Item  Life
 Wooden Deck  10-15 years
 Asphalt or Cement Driveway  15-20 years
 Gas Stove  15 years
 Refrigerators  13 years
 Dishwashers  9 years
 Compactors  6 years
 Dryers  13 years
 Microwave Ovens  9 years
 HVAC  15 years
 Slate/copper/concrete roofs  50 years
Asphalt Shingles  20 years
 Wood shakes  30 years

You can find the entire study of the life expectancy of home components at


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