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Using Wolfram Alpha to find Real Estate Statistics

Have you heard of Wolfram Alpha?  It bills itself as a computational knowledge engine.   Wolfram Alpha collects data from around the web and allows you to do sophisticated math on this data.  It is a really useful tool to help find real estate statistics.  Do you want a graph of house prices in New York City?  The average house price in the United States for the last price years?  The house price in Chicago for December 2010?   Wolfram Alpha can help you.  

To start go to

To graph house prices in New York City, type:  

"House Prices New York City"

Wolfram Alpha returns:

Result of House Prices New York City Query:



and much more...

Some other queries to try:

  • Median Home Value Chicago, IL
  • House Prices Austin, Houston, Dallas
  • Chicago Housing Prices December 2009
  • US Housing Data
  • Austin TX Median Housing Price vs. Population
  • Austin TX Median Housing Price vs. Salary

If Wolfram Alpha has the data you need it can make statistical analysis rather easy.  Truly fun for math and stat geeks.




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