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Information on buying and selling foreclosures

Online Mortgage Options Assessment Tool

PMI Mortgage Insurance has a new tool for homeowners facing potential foreclosure on their home. The Mortgage Options Assessment Tool ( enables homeowners to organize, calculate, and produce reports on their current financial situations prior to meeting their lenders or counselors to discuss solutions to foreclosure. This is a free online tool available to anyone.

What to do if you're in danger of losing your home

Home owners in fear of facing foreclosure and seeking free mortgage counseling assistance should call the Homeowner's HOPE Hotline at 888-995-HOPE (4673).  Calls to the hotline - provided by the Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF) are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week by

WSJ Article - Beyond Auctions: Ways to Buy Foreclosure Homes

A good article in the Wall Street Journal on buying foreclosed homes.    It states:

Warren Buffett on the Mortgage Market

Here’s an interview with Warren Buffet on CNBC.COM covering the financial aspects of the current mortgage market specifically Freddie and Fannie.

Watch Buffett on Freddie and Fannie

In danger of Foreclosure? Here are some options

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Want to Be Taken Seriously in the Foreclosures Market? Make a Realistic Offer

By Rick Sharga, Vice President of Marketing for RealtyTrac

It's no wonder that the foreclosures market is gaining popularity among first-time buyers and real estate bargain hunters alike. Foreclosure properties can often be purchased at 10 to 30 percent less than their market value, making them an attractive investment in a time of soaring real estate prices.

Before You Buy a Foreclosure Property, Do Your Homework!

Online tools allow you to evaluate potential purchases from the comfort of your home
By Rick Sharga, Vice President of Marketing for RealtyTrac

There are two words that give pause to the most motivated real estate buyer or investor, especially during the busy holiday season: property research.

Understanding and Navigating Your Way Through the Foreclosures Process

By Rick Sharga, RealtyTrac Vice President of Marketing

Buyer's Agent Smoothes Sometimes Bumpy Road to Foreclosure Purchase

By Rick Sharga, Vice President of Marketing for RealtyTrac

A Foreclosure Buyer's Guide to Property Repairs

By Rick Sharga, Vice President of Marketing for RealtyTrac


What contributed most to the subprime crisis?: