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Loands and Mortgages

Graph of 30 Year, Fixed-Rate Conventional Home Mortgage Commitments

This graph was created from data obtained from the Federal Reserve.  In addtion to the 10 year, month by month fixed rate home mortage interest rate there is a 12 month moving average to provide a smoothed trendline. 

"Jumbo" Loans vs. Conforming Loans

Katie Wethman's Thoughts on Washington, DC and Northern Virginia Real Estate has an excellent entry on the difference between a Conforming, Jumbo, and FHA loans.  I didn't realize that the point at which a loan became a "Jumbo" loan was when Fannie and Freddie could not buy the loan--the present limit is around $417,000.

How to save yourself from Mortgage Fraud--an exploding problem

How do I get rid of my PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)

A License to Sell Loans

By Peter G. Miller

Have you ever looked at the paperwork you get when financing or refinancing a home?

Really. No kidding. Have you ever read the stuff people want you to sign?


What contributed most to the subprime crisis?: