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Real Estate Statistics, Facts

Using Wolfram Alpha to find Real Estate Statistics

Have you heard of Wolfram Alpha?  It bills itself as a computational knowledge engine.   Wolfram Alpha collects data from around the web and allows you to do sophisticated math on this data.  It is a really useful tool to help find real estate statistics.  Do you want a graph of house prices in New York City?

15% Decline in Home Remodeling Activity in 2008 - Biggest Decline in Areas Where Homeowners Have Less Home Equity

According to the fall 2008 Remodeling Sentiment Report, an online publication of ABCD Publishing LLC, the amount of equity homeowners have is influencing their remodeling plans.

Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Insight - Housing Price Indicator

The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Insight has a page that provides links to a wide array of data on housing markets and housing finance at:

Mortgage Bankers Association

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) is the national association representing the real estate finance industry.  MBA's research and economics group provides current and comprehensive data and benchmarking tools that make a difference in short- and long-term strategic planning. cover all real estate business areas - economic forecasting, residential, commercial and multifamily.

How long with it last: Life expectancy of common household components

An excellent post on the Home Inspection Blog on the life expectancy of some common household items.  Sample life expectancies include:

Oil and Gas Investment

Oil and Gas Investment is the Portal for direct investment in oil and gas

FFIEC Geocoding System relates Census Data to an Address

The FFIEC allows you to find population, housing and income data for an address in the U.S based on Census Tract Information

US Census Bureau Construction Statistics


What contributed most to the subprime crisis?: